About Us
GUY MICHELETTI has always believed in a brotherhood…through hard work,
dedication and loyalty, he has created Dragon Grips.  Guy inspires his team with his
passion and his zealousness for the ART of GRIPPING…the art of film making.  

We are a team of FUN, ENTHUSIASTIC, ENERGETIC bunch of guys who are
committed to striving to be the best – as individuals and as a team.  We get excited
in trying situations…be it RIGGING in the desert, building CRANES on the
waterfall, or elevating TRACKS for the jungle or the forest – we are always
DEDICATED!  The harder the shoot, the bigger the thrill…

Having worked on international features using both the English and US systems,
Guy is known for going out of his way in order to CREATE the IMPOSSIBLE - or
- going out of his way to create a bit of simplicity, whichever suits the moment.  
Often enough we have been asked the possibility of an unconventional rig and have
surprised the person asking by the immediate follow through.  He’s always got some
INVENTIVE trick up his sleeve!

Because the team is strong and tight, knowing each other's strong points, we can
assist each other in order to create harmony and efficiency in a time consuming
effort.  Our constant RE-INVENTION of gear and IDEAS have proven time and
again that in order to become the BEST, we have to always strive to make any rig,
any shot as RAPID and PROFICIENT, always keeping SAFETY as a priority...
which in turn helps the Director, the DOP and the Production.

We are INSPIRED by whom we work with and hope that a hint of that rubs off on
others who work with us.

DRAGON GRIPS…..We change things, push ourselves, our team and the art of
gripping forward.
© 2011 Dragon Grips.  All Rights Reserved